3 Places You Can Wear Your Golfing Attire Outside of the Course

side view of a fit woman wearing modern golf outfits

In 2016, the game of golf saw a surge in participation. The number of beginners taking up the game grew to 2.5 million, which was a 14 percent increase over the same metric for 2015.

There are lots of benefits to taking up golf, which is perhaps why the number of first-timers is on the rise. Golf challenges you mentally and physically, and there’s no better feeling than seeing yourself improve.

If you really want to get good, you have to invest in the right equipment. This includes not just clubs and balls, but attire as well. To play on the best courses, you’ll have to adhere to their strict dress codes.

Women can get the most out of their money by wearing their golfing attire off the course as well. Below, we’re sharing three ideas from other places women can wear their golf clothes.

1. To Work

Proper golf attire has a business casual look to it, particularly when it comes to women’s tops. For example, many golf courses may require women to wear tops with sleeves and collars, such as short-sleeved polo shirts.

If you work in a business casual office, you can repurpose this golf course attire. Pair a polo shirt in a solid color with an office-appropriate skirt or pair of pants. you could even add a blazer on top of the polo for an even more refined look.

2. Running Errands

Ideally, women’s golfing attire should be both fashionable and comfortable for everyday use. When you’re golfing, you want your clothes to look appropriate, but you also want them to stretch and move with you as you work your way through the course.

When you’re running around your town doing weekend errands, you also want to look presentable but still be comfortable. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn to your golf clothes.

The athleisure trend is here to stay, so people put a lot of thought into what they wear to the grocery store or the bank. Your golf clothes are perfect for nailing this look, and they provide a much more fashionable alternative to wearing old sweatpants out of the house.

3. To A Costume Party

As much fun as costume parties are, we’ve all had the moment of fear and panic when trying to decide what to dress up in. If you have a robust wardrobe of golf course attire, that problem is easily solved. Dressing up as your favorite athlete is a Halloween costume that will always impress your friends but also doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Ready to Shop for the Perfect Golfing Attire?

Spending money on the right golfing attire can improve your golf game by giving you more confidence and helping you feel comfortable on the course. Those same clothes can also be worn in your everyday life, making your purchase even more valuable.

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