What to Know About Golf Course Dress Code

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Did you know almost 24 million people play golf in one way or another? While that is a staggering number, it would be interesting to know how many of them know anything about golf course dress code.

It may not seem like much to the casual golfer, but how you dress out on the course determines a lot about how others see you, as well as dictates how well you do in play.

In short, you don’t want to show up in the wrong attire. Make sure you pick the right outfit with this guide to golf course dress code.


The most important factor for your shirt or top is how it fits. Reason being is having a perfect fit allows you to have flexibility, keeping your swing intact.

Specifically, you’ll want your sleeve length to just reach your wrists and a neck that rests easily on your shoulders and collarbone. The last thing you want is to get choked out by your top midswing!

For women, the ideal top either sports short sleeves or no sleeves at all, with a half-zip or half-button in the front to customize how tight the top is at your neck.

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This section of your outfit allows you the most variance, which lets you create a personal style.

Comfort is a big factor in deciding which bottoms to wear. However, this does not give you free reign to wear jeans or, heaven forbid, basketball shorts. No. No no no.

Instead, go for high-quality materials like polyamide micro or another polyester blend. Another aspect you need in golf pants is elasticity at the top, where belts or a tight fit is preferred.

As for the variance part, you can base your look on what the weather calls for that day. You have the option to wear shorts, skorts, or pants. Mix all three into your outfit combinations for a complete golf course wardrobe.

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For those days where the elements aren’t favorable, you’ll want outerwear worthy of the golf course dress code.

Similar to your top, your jacket should be lightweight, flexible, and avoids tampering with your game in any way. Windbreakers are usually best at tackling these characteristics with style. Also, you should choose a jacket that includes a few pockets to store extra tees or your divet filler for quick use.

Find one piece of outerwear that can be versatile out on the course. This should be enough, plus the piece should be durable and longlasting.

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A golf course dress code wouldn’t be complete without the bells and whistles.

Don’t forget about shoes, hats, belts, and even ball markers. These should both compliment your clothes’ style and be useful to your golf game. Your shoes should grip the fairway, hats or visors should effectively block out the sun, and belts…well, belts should obviously keep your pants up!

The key is to accessorize according to how you like to play. You’re not required to wear sunglasses or fancy belts because others do this. Stick to how you like to feel when you play (while still keeping your attire tasteful).

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Know Your Golf Course Dress Code

Hopefully, now you can confidently wear the proper attire to crush 18 holes. From top to bottom, your outfit will be on point and your game will be unstoppable.

If you’re a golfer on a budget, check out our sales page to dress yourself to the nines without breaking the bank.