Winter Months are Ideal for Playing Golf – Here’s Why

why you should play golf in the winter months

Some people may think that golfing in the summer is better than winter golf however, we disagree. Here’s why you should give golf a shot during the winter months.

Golf was Invented in Scotland

Modern golf has been generally known to be discovered in Scotland around the Middle Ages. It picked up its popularity around the late 19th century where it then spread into the United Kingdom, made its way to the British Empire and landed in the United States.

If you don’t already know, the weather in Scotland can change at the drop of a dime. Quite regularly there can be up to four seasons in a day. So much so, that there is a common saying in Scotland “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”. If you’re from Ohio, you might also be accustomed to this statement.

Some areas of Scotland may be bright and sunny while other areas endure heavy snowfall and blizzard-like conditions. With that being said, acclimate weather didn’t stop the locals when it came to inventing and playing the game of golf so why should it stop you?

Winter Golf Rules

In the winter, the rules of golf are a little more relaxed. This is mainly because you are dealing with poor and probably somewhat soggy/cold conditions on the golf course. During competition play, you can’t just decide that winter rules automatically apply. A golf committee will need to introduce the new terms and announce a “Local Rule” in order for it to take effect. However, if you’re just playing a casual game with your girls than you can decide whatever rules you like!

Winter golf rule summary:

  • Winter golf ules only apply to closely mown areas
  • You must use a ball marker before lifting, cleaning, or placing your ball
  • Unlike summer golf rules, if you go to place your ball and it fails to come to rest at its new spot then you can try again or place it at a similar spot
  • There is no automatic relief from plugged lies in the rough

golf bag with clubs in snowy forest, rabbits trace on snow

Add a Pop of Color

Winter is the perfect time to break out those bright colors. Spice up your winter golf attire and accessories with pops pinks, reds, oranges. Take full advantage of using bright yellow or orange golf balls. Also, purchase some bright neon gear from SwingDish’s very own Neon Splash Collection. Each collection has a unique bright color scheme that will be sure to add variety to your all-black wardrobe.

SwingDish colorful collections

Low Cost

Since winter is usually an off-season for most clubs this usually means they will go to extreme lengths to get you to play. This calls for slashed green fees, free balls, less wait time, discounted memberships, and even cheap lessons. You should take full advantage of the off-season and play at these discounted rates.

Vitamin D: Your Body will Thank You

Winter is known to be gloomy and excessively long. When you get up to go to work and come home from work it’s dark outside. This winter routine calls for a nose-dive in vitamin D levels. It’s no surprise in this case that 10 to 20 percent of people are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as, “winter depression”.

Do your body and immune system some good and get outside for some much-needed vitamin D. You may think it’s too cloudy to grab some rays, however, just being outside for a couple of hours will help your body and mood.

golf hinge - woman hitting ball

Summer and Winter

In summary, playing golf in the summer and winter is without a doubt drastically different. However, that shouldn’t stop you from giving up playing what you love for a couple of long seasons of winter. Just remember these helpful tips and don’t forget to double up on your clothing and keep those hands warm!

Get a head start and check out our outerwear collection.

Give Your Golf Attire a Lifestyle Lift!

SwingDish golf attire

Create the perfect golf attire by bringing some fresh colors into your wardrobe. We have several lifestyle collections that include options with solid, geometric and floral prints. When getting dressed for the course, you can still follow the typical dress code without putting on the same things as everyone else. Ladies golf fashion has come a long way, and we’re not letting the opportunity go to waste.

Resort Tuxedo Pant

SwingDish shop now

SwingDish shop now

Golf Pants

When you think of golf pants what comes to mind? Yoga pants? Khakis? Or perhaps some unbearable combination of the two. We have four different styles of women’s golf pants designed for comfort and versatility. Good for on and off the course, you’ll look sharp and feel great from your morning golf stretches to the 19th hole happy hour.

SwingDish shop now

Shirts with Pockets

Whether you’re looking for golf shirts with pockets or just some flair, we have something for everyone. When it comes to style, we believe a little goes a long way so all of our designs are tastefully done and suitable for any resort course or private golf club.

grip it glove

SwingDish shop now

Golf Gloves

It can be challenging to find a nice golf glove. We’ve all waited for the helpful sporting goods clerk to dig uselessly for anything other than the one badly trampled women’s glove left in stock. The SwingDish Grip It gloves come in three different colors and include a bejeweled removable ball marker.

Bomber jacket

SwingDish shop now

Golf Jacket & Pullover

Time to toss out that old hand me down windbreaker and get something fresh! SwingDish golf jackets for women are lightweight and stylish with flattering details. The extra zipper pocket on the right arm is perfect for some chapstick or an extra tee or two. We also have a collection of sweaters perfect for layering in the cooler fall weather.

Lauryn Print

Lauryn Print

SwingDish shop now

Golf Skorts

SwingDish golf skorts come in a dozen brilliant colors from solid to striped to paisley, and everything in between. Instead of trying to look like shorts, our skorts don’t shy away from pleats and ruffles. Most of our designs come with a ball marker accent for style and utility. Several more designs have the added convenience of a hidden pocket in the waistband.

There is a lot of freedom for expression in ladies golf attire. It is evident in international women’s tournaments with cardigans and tops in every shade and color. The options are endless, and there is no need to stay committed to dull colors like maroon, navy blue, and grey. Its winter and we need bright colors to keep our spirits up and our scores down!

Click here to see more from our collections

5 Ways to Be a Courteous Golf Partner

SwingDish womens golf clothes

Even though everyone is out to have a good time, it’s always much more fun to play golf with someone who takes the game seriously and knows what they’re doing. Take the initiative to learn as much as you can about the game from your instructor, books, online videos and watching tournaments to understand golf basics and game fundamentals.


Don’t come unprepared to the course. You can always stop in the golf shop before tee off to ensure you have what you need. Before you start a round of golf, your golf bag and Bring It Bag should always include the following items.

  • Golf Tees
  • Ball Markers
  • Scorecard
  • Golf Pencils
  • Clubs (14 Max)
  • Golf Balls (8-10)
  • Golf Gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat Or Visor
  • Golf Towel – For Cleaning Clubs And Balls
  • Safety Pins – For Unexpected Tears In Your Golf Attire
  • Band-aids – For New Golf Shoe Blisters!


Bring your yardage chart. No one has time for you to mediate over which club to use for every shot. This problem is solved by creating a yardage chart of the approximate distance you can hit with each club. Use this chart to select the appropriate golf club for every shot.


When it’s your turn to hit, don’t fumble around. Once the members of your group have hit their shots, you should be ready with your Grip It Glove on, tee, club, and ball in hand.

SwingDish Grip It Glove

SwingDish shop now


It is a good idea to arrive before your tee-off time and do a warm-up session.

When you swing and miss the ball, take a deep breath and try again. If you swing and the ball dribbles off the tee do not re-tee, just pick up your ball and move forward with the rest of your group. Constantly re-teeing slows down the pace of play for groups behind you.

  • Limit practice swings at the tee to one
  • Limit time searching for golf balls to under one minute
  • Always walk quickly to your ball or the next hole
  • Avoid backtracking and leave clubs/cart close to where you’re going next


Even though you’re not playing for a million dollars or a trophy, it is a sign of respect to give your golf partners the chance to hit their very best shot, on every shot, by not getting in the way or creating unnecessary distractions.

  • Do not stand in another players line of vision (including peripheral)
  • Do not step in the line of any players putt
  • Be still and silent when others are hitting
  • Mark your ball when it’s in the line of another players putt
  • Do not move, talk or create noise when another layer is hitting

Playing a round of golf with friends, co-workers or business partners can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind the goal of the game is to complete each hole in as few strokes as possible.

If you follow this when practicing your golf swing, play fairly and consistently do your very best when out on the course, you will always maintain the respect of your fellow golf partners. You are also likely to get invited out a lot more often. 😉

The Little Black Golf Skort

SwingDish Prism Collection

We know it can be challenging to find cute women’s golf clothes when you need them. This is part of what inspired us to start a line of the best women’s golf apparel we could possibly create.

Similar to the little black dress, the little black golf skort is a staple for every lady golfers closet. The color is slimming, neutral, chic and matches everything. Since we make all our designs with Italian performance fabric, our pieces feel more luxurious and exude quality.

Perfect for any course, at any time of year in any part of the world, our classic black golf skorts are comfortable and versatile enough to wear from the first tee to last call.

SwingDish shop now

The Bailey Skort

The Bailey Skort provides style, the range of movement and functionality. This golf skort with ruffles has a slight cross detail along the front that is both feminine and sassy at the same time. A drawstring pull along the side gives the option and flexibility of adjusting the skort to a more desirable length, and like many SwingDish designs, the Bailey Skort is conveniently accessorized with a magnetic ball marker.

SwingDish shop now

The Lauryn Skort

The Lauryn Skort is a perfect match with our fitted pullover for an all-black look with a pop of color. The skort has a double ruffle that goes all the way around and bright color contrasting pockets in the back. Functional and fashionable, these pockets are the perfect place to keep ball markers, extra tees or a divot tool for easy access when out on the course.

Accordion Skort

SwingDish shop now

Accordion Skort

The Accordion Skort is deceptively simple but full of surprises. While the front is modestly designed,  all the flair is pushed to the back where a few well-placed pleats hang below a single silver zip pocket.  Do not bother keeping your cell phone in either of the two front pockets or the small pocket hidden in the waistband. Instead, use them to keep your golf pencil, score pad or yardage chart close at hand.


SwingDish shop now

Even though winter is coming, or already here depending on where you live, golf skirts and leggings are a comfortable and eye-catching option to have as a one-piece set. While many of our skorts can be worn with leggings, our skirt legging set is a fun compromise for ladies interested in trying a new look outside of women’s golf pants.

In stylish solidarity, we’d like to congratulate Nelly Korda who wore her little black skort all the way to the bank after taking home her first LPGA Tour title this past weekend in the Swinging Skirts LPGA Taiwan Championship. She topped 81 other players at the Ta Shee Golf & Country Club in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Check out the final scoreboard here.  

Looking for a little more color? We have you covered! Shop more skorts!

Golf Exercise: 5 Simple Stretches for Better Club Control

woman gripping golf club

The smallest muscles are sometimes the most important when it comes to shaping your shots.

Use these super basic (but crucial!) exercises before and after your time on the course. The stretches feel great and are easy enough to incorporate into a daily routine. There are about 20 muscles in the hand and forearm that require regular stretching to keep limber and strong. Without drawing undue attention, you can covertly and comfortably flex and stretch these muscles.

Without the need to squeeze any kind of a ball or spring loaded product, these exercises will ensure all the muscles are equally utilized to provide maximum blood flow and reduce injuries.

Exercise #1 – Laces Out
Fingers, Hands, Wrists, Shoulders

  1. Sit upright, interlace the fingers out in front at shoulder height.
  2. Turn palms outward.
  3. Slowly round the back and feel the stretch
  4. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat

Exercise #2 – Little Twister
Forearms and Wrists

  1. Hold your hands out in front of you, palms up.
  2. Grab the back of your right hand with your left hand by placing your thumb between the knuckles of the ring and pinky fingers. Wrap the remaining fingers around the base of the thumb.
  3. Relax your right wrist, use the left thumb to push towards to the right.
  4. Repeat for the opposite side.

Exercise #3 – The Big Tipper
Wrists, Fingers

  1. Hold your hand upright, palm facing towards you.
  2. With your left hand, grab the fingers of your right hand.
  3. Use your left hand to bend your right hand backward.

stretching exercises

Exercise #4 – The Motorcycle
Exterior Forearm Muscles

  1. Extend both arms in front of you, stand tall or sit upright.
  2. Curls your fingers into a fist like you’re holding on to a motorcycle.
  3. Roll your fists down to ‘give it gas.’
  4. Bring fists back up and repeat.

Exercise #5 – The Critic
Ulnar and Radial Deviation

  1. Extend both arms in front of you, stand tall or sit upright.
  2. Curls fingers and extend both thumbs like you’re giving ‘two thumbs up!’
  3. Roll your thumbs forward until they are parallel to your wrist.
  4. Bring them back up and repeat.

People who frequently use their hands can also benefit from these stretches. It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, a typist or an athlete, overuse and repetitive motion leads to inflammation, muscle knots, and injuries.

If you’re looking to further protect those delicate digits (or a nice manicure), check out our GRIP IT gloves from our Prism Collection available in 2 vibrant colors!

swingdish gloves

SwingDish shop now

Girls Golf Weekend: 5 Destinations Great for Groups

#swingdishsquad SwingDish

TopGolf locations are a nice place to hang out when visiting a city and a fun way to get new people interested in the sport. As an easily accessible off-course golf experience, the atmosphere is highly appealing to the weekend and after work cocktail crowds.

For the rest of the initiated #SwingDishSquad, it’s about nailing your perfect golf swing, discovering new courses and having a great time. We’ve compiled a list of fun courses with amazing atmospheres that would be a perfect day trip or weekend getaway for you and your closest squad members.


Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Golfers can choose from a total of five onsite courses at this location. Turtle Point is a guest favorite and The Ocean Course is one of only four courses in the U.S. to have hosted every major PGA event.

One of the resorts lead golf instructors, Abby Welch was listed by Golf Digest Magazine as one of America’s “Top 40 Instructors Under 40.”

The resort has 12 unique dining venues, but the Lobby Bar is a great place to start. It is a classic old time cocktail lounge with ocean views and live piano music on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Top of the Rock

Ridgedale, Missouri

Not to be confused with the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC, this beautiful mountaintop golf resort is in Missouri. Filled with waterfalls, creeks, and ponds, the Jack Nicklaus designed course is one of only two par-3 golf courses sanctioned for PGA Tour events.  

The driving range is also a favorite day trip and a great place that can be paired with a visit to one of the onsite restaurants, nature trail, wine cellar or natural history museum.

La Cantera

San Antonio, Texas

La Cantera is an authentic upscale western resort with a great bar restaurant, lots of outdoor patios, bonfires in the evening and live music.

The location has two courses, The Resort Course, which is a PGA stop, has a fair amount of hazards and the bunkers are deep. The Palmer Course, designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer is the more challenging of the two with a difficult layout and several blind spots.

Escena Golf Club

Palm Springs, California

This resort has impeccable greens and every hole has a stunning view. The course is also noted for its unobstructed sight lines and wide fairways. The 19th hole bar and restaurant are considered one of the best places to eat in Palm Springs.

Quivira Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Located between the first tee and the 18th hole, the clubhouse restaurant and bar is in the perfect spot and sits right on the water.  The course can get very windy and is difficult to finish in less than 5 hours. Thankfully, this is an all-inclusive golf resort experience which includes comfort stations at every 4th hole that provide delicious tapas-style snacks and mixed drinks.


Looking for the best women’s golf pants? Our tuxedo pants are the perfect golf attire and a welcome addition to any wardrobe or weekend bag. The high-performance Italian fabric gives off a sheen that is accentuated by a satin stripe down the side of each leg that lends just the right amount of posh to any situation.

Available in black and white hot, the tuxedo pants are designed to keep you comfortable and confident from morning bellini to evening martini.

Tuxedo Pant

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Ready to BLOOM: Our New Fall Collection

SwingDish Bloom Collection

SwingDish Bloom Collection

Bloom Collection 

SwingDish would like to announce that our new fall collection is now available online. Bloom collection is our new line of comfortable and feminine women’s golf attire!

New Colors

Bold and energizing, SwingDish has added and reimagined several signature tops and skorts in a vibrant red and softer toned heather red. Both colors are accented with an eye-catching artistic floral and geometric print. The bright red of the Boyfriend Pullover will be especially useful on chilly fall mornings, and the new Fringe It in red opens up new possibilities for matching and accessorizing.

Boyfriend Pullover Red

SwingDish Olivia Print

Designed for Women

This collection introduces a new style of skort to the SwingDish line. The Belle red golf skort brings a very feminine peplum look to golf fashion on the course. It has a slight ruffle beneath two convenient zipper pockets embellished with an asymmetrical pull tab. Like all of our golf skorts, the Belle is designed to curve with your body, keeping you comfortable and stylish without hindering your game.

SwingDish Belle Skort

Top Quality Fabric

Like previous collections, SwingDish designs all of their women’s golf apparel with high-performance moisture resistant Italian fabric. Designs also include built-in ball markers and bright colors to ensure you’ll stand out on and off the course. You’ll have fun matching up these new pieces with your existing collection of SwingDish golf attire. Visit our previous post for ideas on how to match up and create the perfect golf outfit.

If you’re ready to kick it up a notch with golf fashion that is just as on fire as your game, then shop our Bloom collection online or visit any of our worldwide retail locations in person.

SwingDish shop now

The Will to Win: History and Women’s Athletic Wear

There has always been tension between women’s fashion and their ability to perform athletically.

The most recent example is the full body catsuit Serena Williams wore to the French Open, it was designed to aid circulation and protect her body from blood clots while she recovered from a difficult pregnancy. Even though her arms were the only visible bare skin, the French Tennis Federation felt it necessary to devise new rules that push competitors to “respect the game and place” by “dressing more conservatively” during events.  

In the early 20th century

It was not considered important for women to “win,” and sports clothing was designed to keep the feminine look intact with hats and toe length dresses that restricted mobility. Only in 1910 did golf allow women to have expanding pleats down the sides of their tweed jackets to prevent clothes from tearing when they performed a golf swing.

Never ones to play the silent type for long, women athletes pushed the fashion envelope whenever possible. To quote American tennis player Elizabeth Ryan who earned 26 grand slam titles in her career, “All women players should go on their knees in thankfulness to Suzanne for delivering them from the tyranny of corsets.”  She’s speaking of French tennis legend Suzanne Lenglen who broke customs on the court with above the knee, pleated silk skirts and short sleeves worn with her signature bandeau.

SwingDish Golf Clothing

While SwingDish isn’t using silk or pleating tweed coats, we have definitely incorporated some of the more functional trends in women’s athletic wear into our collections.

Skorts showed up in the 1800s as bicycle attire for women, and we fully embrace this style for all the right reasons. Which is why we have half a dozen options in solid, stripe and snake print designs, including the functional and flattering wrap skort.

SwingDish shop now

Saddle shoes, which became popular in the 1950s, have made a comeback. Never one to miss out on a good trend, we have designed our handmade Fringe Its in several matte and metallic colors with matching belts.

SwingDish shop now

At SwingDish you won’t have to worry about bland colors, unflattering shapes or uncomfortable fabrics because all of our collections are designed for women and by women. We only use high-performance luxury Italian fabrics, which are light, breathable and do not reveal sweat marks. We also love to look good, so many of our pieces come in attractive designs with piping details and jeweled embellishments.

SwingDish colorful collections

Will to Win

When asked later in life how she managed to dominate the game, Lenglen replied that it was the “will to win,” which in her opinion was the very soul of sports – and life. Regardless of who’s looking or what anyone has to say, women will continue to kill the game in any sport they see fit, and SwingDish is here to make sure they look good doing it.

Keep up to date on all of our blog posts here!

Golf After Kids: Mom’s are Staying in the Game

SwingDish Bring it bag in blue and grey

The discussion around working vs. stay at home mothers is always a hot topic. Female executives have been balancing work and family for decades but what about professional athletes?

Playing sports requires a certain level of fitness and continual practice to stay in shape and keep your game up, which makes it difficult to decide the best time to take a break and start a family.

Male athletes often receive high praise for returning to the game after an injury, but pregnancy and childbirth are physically and psychologically more intense than an injury. Women can take months to recover from dramatic physical changes that often include gaining up to 30 pounds.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of women athletes who have made surprising comebacks from pregnancy and have gone on to win major titles within a year of childbirth.

Balancing Kids and Golf

This year there is talk about a baby boom hitting the LPGA as young women golfers start to realize that they can keep their career and also still enjoy motherhood.

Since 1993 the organization has had a traveling preschool and instituted many initiatives to support mothers and their children on tour. The director of the LPGA Child Development Program Bardine May has been traveling with the tour since 2003. It is a mix of full-time staff members and volunteers who teach and take care of the children whose ages range from six months to 12 years old.

“As a woman’s sports organization, it’s important for us to have policies and programs that provide choices to our athletes who want to have families,” says Heather Daly-Donofrio, the LPGA’s chief communications and tour operations officer.

LPGA Baby Boom

Many professional women golfers have had kids and talked about the experience.

Here are some of the ladies on the front lines of the LPGA baby boom. Be sure to follow them on social media for inspiration!

  • Sydnee Michaels gave birth to Isla Louise in November
  • Karine Icher is due in early 2019 with her second child
  • Suzann Pettersen gave birth in August to Herman Alexander and aimed her pregnancy to have sufficient prep for the 2020 Olympics. What a champ!

While not everyone needs a traveling preschool, there are other ways to get back in the game once you’re ready. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to heal mentally and physically by keeping up with your exercises to stay limber.

SwingDish shop now

New and due SwingDish moms can check out the Melissa and Addi Grey tops that both include hidden adjustable drawstrings that provide a subtle silhouette without constraint. The Bring It Bag with secret expanding compartment is also a must-have for keeping up with goodies for you and the little ones.

Who needs a new everyday bag? The Bring it Bag is great for every occasion. SwingDish shop now



2018 Trends: The 5 Golf Outfits Every Woman Loves

SwingDish Prism Visor

The golf apparel industry is a two billion dollar portion of the sports industry. When you’re out there golfing, you want to have the best golf outfit to show off your style.

5 Things You Need for the Best Golf Outfit

When you look your best on the course, you play your best. Gain some confidence with these trend-setting ideas.

Shrinking Violet

The color of the year for 2018 was UltraViolet. All major brands embraced this color with gusto. You’ll see many golf outfits with this rich shade of purple. Accent it with tones like navy and purple for a classy, toned down ensemble. Get vibrant by contrasting with yellow or orange.

Polo Sleeve

SwingDish shop now

Power Prints

Yeah, you can wear your classic stripes. But prints are in full swing.

Get a bold print that matches your personality. You can wear fun patterns with laidback vibes, or get funky with animal prints or more intricate patterns. If you’re just dipping your toes in the water, you can get prints with small designs so they look more like solids.

Fitness Signature Skort

SwingDish shop now

Get Your Camo Back

Camo prints have been gaining momentum in the fashion world, and they’re an extra-fun element to incorporate into your golf gear.

Use toned down prints to look more sophisticated, like blue camo and greys. Camo is getting reimagined in an upper-class way with more subtle prints.

Bold Shorts

If you don’t want to get bold with your prints on your shirt, you can do it with your shorts. Printed shorts add a pop of excitement to an outfit that makes you unique.

Skorts are always trendy golf go-to’s, so you can shop around for a skort that offers a fun print that matches with the rest of your outfit.

Signature Bermuda

SwingDish shop now

Matchy Matchy

Speaking of matching, getting pieces that perfectly coordinate with one another make you seem like you’ve got it all together.

Match color elements in your top and bottoms for a traditional foray into the art of matching. Or get creative and work it into your little details.

You can get a brightly colored hat that matches an accent color on your shoes. Earings and gloves are also fair game. You can even get your golf-clubs to coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

On the contrary, wearing colors like pastels that perfectly balance each other out brings a fun exercise in contrast to the game.

Get in the Swing of Things

You can even wear the cutest golf outfits you can find on and off the golf course. If that’s not a reason to invest in golf attire, then we don’t know what is.

Keep on learning about the game you love, and always do it in style. Looking good and wanting to show off your outfit will make you want to play more, and you’ll get even better at your game in the process.

A Women’s Guide to Perfecting Your Golf Grip

woman golfer hit sweeping golf course in the summer

If you’re one of the 6.5 million women who hit the links every year, then you’re always looking for ways to improve your golf game.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, having a strong mental game is just as important as good arm strength. Improving your golf grip combines the two.

In this article, we’re letting you in on the pros’ secrets so your grip gets better and your score gets lower.

How to Improve Your Golf Grip in 6 Easy Steps

Before you can get the best grip possible, you want to have the right equipment. Make sure your clubs are the right size and type for your frame. Buy quality gloves that allow your hands to breathe while gripping the club.

swingdish gloves

SwingDish shop now

The correct golf grip starts with getting relaxed. If you’re too tense, every part of your game will be off. Keeping those thoughts in mind, here’s how to grip a golf club the proper way in six simple steps:

1. Start with Your Hand Positioning

Anytime you pick up a club, use your non-dominant hand. If you’re a righty, pick it up with your left hand and vice versa. For this tutorial, we’re going with the right hand as the lead.

Pick up your club with your left hand and turn it so you can see your two knuckles. Your index finger and thumb should create a “V.” Point the “V” towards your right shoulder.

A half-inch of your club should stick out from the top of your hand. Point your left thumb down the right side of the club’s shaft.

Grab the club with your right hand, so your right thumb overlaps your left. Your right thumb should face downwards on the left side of the club.

2. Keep the Club in Your Fingers

The club should sit in your fingers, not your palm to allow you to hinge the club.

A quick tip on how to know where your club should rest: With the club in your hand, hold a tee between your pointer finger and thumb. Your grip will drop from your palm to your fingers.

If you’re holding the club in your fingers, you’ll see at least two knuckles from your lead hand. Your grip should rest on the pad of your hand next to your pinky.

3. Mark Your Lines

Specialized grips are available that show you the proper placement for your hands but you can also mark the positions with a marker. Draw two lines on your glove where your club should sit, as a visual aid.

Anytime you grab a club, you’ll know where your hands should be. This will give you consistency every time you play.

4. Interlocking Grip

There are two main ways to finish your grip. The first is by interlocking your fingers for more of a hinging action.

Many golfers feel this gives them a better grip on the club.

5. Overlocking Grip

The traditional grip is the overlocking or “Vardon Grip.” Instead of interlocking your fingers, you put your right pinky between your index and middle fingers of your left hand.

Align your left thumb with the middle of your right palm and you’re in business!

6. Put the Right Pressure on It

Don’t grasp your club with such firmness that you’re white-knuckling it. Your swing will be awkward and stiff. At the same time, you don’t want the club flying out of your hands either.

This will take some trial and error, but try putting different pressure on the club. See what gives you the result you’re looking for, then make a mental note. After a while, muscle memory will take over and you won’t even think about it.

Join the Revolution

Having a good golf grip improves your swing, giving you more power and control. Once you get used to your new grip, the rest of your game will follow suit. Make sure you’re always prepared for anything, including having the right equipment.

At SwingDish, we have everything you need to look and feel great on the course. Our blog has tips for golfers at every skill and experience level. Browse our online catalog or contact us with any product questions.

The 4 Best East Coast Golf Resorts to Visit this Summer

golf course in Dominican republic

Did you know there are 15,273 golf courses in the US?

Many of the best public courses in America are located along the east coast. Florida boasts an impressive 1,042 courses (more than any other state), but it’s not the only reason to visit the east coast for golf.

In this post, we’ll count down the four best east coast golf resorts. Which one will you play first?

1. Pinehurst (No. 2 Course), North Carolina

Wondering where American golf began? Look no further than the eight superb courses at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.

To date, the No. 2 course has hosted three US Opens, two PGA Tour Championships, and the 2014 US Women’s Open. Not surprisingly, the resort’s Golf Academy is considered one of the best on the east coast.

The courses boast majestic pine trees and rolling sandhills, making the course as beautiful as it is challenging. The pros describe it as a “thinker’s” course that requires strategic play.

2. TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium Course), Florida

Looking for the ultimate challenge?

Head south to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, the home of the Players Championship. Designed by Pete Dye, this course will give you the ultimate golfing adrenaline rush.

You’ll love trying your hand at the famous par-3 17th, where the green is surrounded nearly 360 degrees by water. In fact, many players rank this hole as one of the most difficult (and terrifying) anywhere in the world.

If you’re hoping to improve your game while you’re there, sign up for a few lessons with the pros at the TOUR Academy. They’ll make sure you land that green every time!

3. Bethpage Black, Long Island (New York)

Want to follow in Tiger Woods’ footsteps? Challenge yourself on the course he played to win the 2002 US Open.

It’s one of five public courses located in Bethpage State Park on Long Island. The signature 18th hole is a huge draw, but you’ll also enjoy playing the par-3 third and long par-5 fourth.

Expert tip: Be sure to get there early, as the queues to play can be very long!

4. Ocean Course, Kiawah Island (South Carolina)

Want to play a course where nearly every hole offers a view of the Atlantic Ocean? Head over to South Carolina’s Kiawah Island and play their famous Ocean Course.

You’ll recognize this course from the 1991 Ryder Cup, where Seve Ballesteros pulled off a victory despite multiple double bogeys. In fact, the par-3 17th hole saw more bogeys than pars that year!

The course is challenging to be sure, but the breathtaking views make it well worth the effort to play.

The Best East Coast Golf Resorts: Final Thoughts

You can travel the world and play golf if you want to–but you certainly don’t have to.

These east coast golf resorts are much closer to home, and many of them are among the finest in the world!

Whether you’re traveling across the country or just a few miles down the road, you’ll need the right golf attire for the occasion.

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