Why Is The Perfect Fit Essential For Golfing Attire?

three golfers on course

22.5 percent of golfers are female. Despite the stereotypes, that doesn’t mean fashion comes before practicality. You don’t want to sacrifice your swing for the sake of following a trend.

Golf doesn’t require the same level of movement as, say, tennis or aerobics. But you should still choose the perfect fit for your golfing attire.

Read on to discover why.

Flexibility Comes from the Perfect Fit

You don’t want to be hampered by badly fitting clothes on the links. The wrong pants or shirt can affect your game if you put fashion first.

Jeans will probably break your course’s dress code. They also offer a poor range of movement. You don’t want your swing to be restricted by your choice of pants.

Good golfing pants also offer better air flow. Your legs won’t feel stifled by material that’s too thick.

The seams are a good guide as to the quality of the pants. Bulges or gaps indicate they won’t offer much flexibility as they strain in the wrong places.

The right pants move with you, giving you more freedom to nail those shots.

If you’d prefer to wear something shorter, consider the skort. This stylish piece looks like a skirt, but the divided legs provide more comfort (like shorts).

That lets you preserve your modesty when you bend down.

Check These 3 Aspects of Your Golfing Attire

Now you know why flexibility is important. How do you find it in your chosen clothes?

When buying new golfing attire, pay attention to these three areas;

  • Sleeve length
  • Leg length
  • Ease at the neck

Sleeves that are too long will hamper your swing. Too-short sleeves can be tight around your arms.

Likewise, pant legs that are too long attract dirt and can fray if you step on the cuffs. Too short and they can dig into your legs.

Having enough ease in the neck of your chosen top or shirt will keep you comfortable. You won’t feel your top slipping forwards or backward. And it won’t feel like it’s choking you either.

Don’t Neglect the Power of Layers

Despite the advances in weather forecasting, it can still be difficult to get your outfit right.

The perfect fit includes finding the right clothes to suit different playing conditions. It can get cold when the sun goes in so consider wearing layers.

Add more if it gets cold and discard them when it warms up.

Cotton is a great material for this. It’s good for keeping you cool in the summer and it layers well when it’s cold.

If you’ve worked hard on the links, you don’t want to look like you’ve been on the treadmill for half an hour. Cotton absorbs moisture and allows airflow. Why look sweaty when you can glow instead?

Get the Perfect Game with the Perfect Fit

Whatever golfing attire you choose, practice your moves in it before you head to the course. Pick the styles that help your game instead of hindering it.

Now you know what to look for, check out the range of styles in our shop. You can be stylish and comfortable on the golf course!