SwingDish Paisley & Pink Collection Style Guide

Golf is a sport that is completely different from other popular American sports. Golf does not require strength or intense cardio. Instead, golf is a social game that requires skill, concentration, finesse, and patience.

Because golf is played differently compared to other major sports, the attire that golfers need is very different as well.

Instead of ordering generic jerseys and running shorts, golf players are expected to dress professionally. Country clubs and other golf courses won’t even let players in if they are not dressed in appropriate golf apparel.

But just because you are forced to dress professionally does not mean that you can’t be fashionable and feminine too.

We know how hot and unbearable it gets spending the entire day in the sun.

That is why we are going to offer you a fashionable and functional style guide so you know just what to wear on your next round of golf!

Golf Apparel: Where to Start?

With Paisley and Pink of course!

Whether you are playing a social game or a competitive one, this collection will help you look fashionable and keep you comfortable all day long.

Our stylists swear by this collection. If you are looking for an extremely cute outfit that will put the focus on you, this is the place.

This golf apparel collection offers slim fit tops both with and without sleeves. All of our tops also include accents of pink that make a bold statement without inhibiting your professionalism.

Each styled top is made of exactly the same moisture-preventing material. So whether you prefer to have a simple top or one with a lot of print, you won’t have to worry about over-sweating.

However, we offer more than just stylish tops.

Our bottoms will have heads turning.

Our skorts come in multiple fun and chic styles. We offer simple black shorts with subtle stripes and skorts with frills, modern prints, and wraps if you prefer more color and freedom to your outfits.

These bottoms will curve to your body without hindering your skills or making you overheat while you’re in the sun. This breathable fabric will convince you to never try on any other golf apparel again.

We also offer a stylish pair of white shoes with a gray fringe to accessorize your outfit. Because these shoes show off in a subtle way, you won’t have to worry about distracting yourself too much while you are shooting under par.

What Are You Waiting for?

We understand that sometimes fashionable clothing can be itchy or unbreathable, but you should know that we built our collection of clothes to be different.

We want our professional female golfers to showcase modern fashion trends without compromising comfort or performance.

With 27 different items to choose from in our new collection, there is no shortage of stylish combinations to be enjoyed.

Whether you are shopping for new golf apparel for yourself or someone else, now would be a perfect time to place your order.