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11 products

In the spring you can’t wait for the frost to break so you can get out on the course and knock around a few balls, and in the autumn you want to stretch the season as long as you can before winter eventually comes. And, of course, there’s few better ways to start your day than with an early morning tee time. All of these situations are the perfect occasions for womens’ golf pullovers. 

Just because you’re dressing for a chill doesn’t mean that you have to give up your fashion sensibilities, and at SwingDish we have everything you could want in womens’ golf pullovers. One of our fabulous styles that is also one of our most popular is the womens’ boyfriend pullover. Cozy on or off the course, with a look that will fit your personal taste and will fit in just as well for a night boating or a nice dinner. It’s comfortable--so you won’t have to worry about your clothes impeding your ability to get a full follow-through on your drive--but looks stunning.

A cozy and comfortable feeling will give you the best golf experience--you won’t have to worry about the nip of Jack Frost, and you’ll be able to focus on steadying your stance, not shivering in your shoes. 

The selection of colors for these womens’ golf pullovers is extensive, so you can easily match the pullover to your pant or shorts--whether you want to be subtle and classic with a Boyfriend Pullover in White, or something more bold that will make you stand out on the links like the Boyfriend Pullover in Red. 

For golfing in any season--to make sure that you make the most out of your golfing days, weeks, and years--womens’ golf pullovers are an essential on the course.