Stylish Women's Tennis Apparel Ideas That You Can Rock on The Court

Tennis as a sport has always been an easy funnel of fashion. This is because tennis giants like Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and Rafael Nadal have all collaborated with sportswear giants to create activewear trends and fashion statements with what they wear on the courts. Even better for tennis players, the sport has become a favorite new pass-time after quarantine! In the era of the athleisure look, tennis-inspired fashion and activewear works off court too, like if you are going out to eat or for running errands as soon as you step off the court!

Whether you are a profound athlete or have just learned to swing the rackets, our influencer-collaboration range with Megan Heaton combines the classic uniform of whites, blacks, and blues to give a more fashion-savvy look with a nod to vintage country club fashion. For newbies and experts alike, tennis gear needs to combine functionality such as moisture-wicking material, mobility, and a hint of formality with the aesthetics of uniform that reminds us of the legacy of the sport. 

With specially curated pieces that keep you cool, allow freedom of movement and give you the aesthetic of someone who could easily qualify for a Grand Slam, our venture into tennis gear optimizes utility and comfort. 

  • The Preppy A-line Dress

    A clear favorite from SwingDish- the retro design of our country club dresses are a blast-from-the-past of classic tennis club fashion! Crisp white with pinstripes, this racer-back style dress fits you like a glove so you can torque your arms and run about freely.The form-fitting A-line silhouette of both the Heat Black Dress and the Heat White Stripe Dress exude the powerfully feminine, as well as optimize utility given the moisture-wicking material and the fit-to-flare snugness. The retro and preppy visuals, characterized by the crisp white collar and mesh racerback material give you the look of a player whose backhand is to watch out for as well as one whose closet is formidably stylish

    Collage of women wearing vintage-inspired golf and tennis styles by swindish

  •  A Nod to the Classics 

    Boyfriend polos in laid-black blue and black, easily paired with golfer or biker shorts, are the way to roll if dresses aren’t your vibe. If you value comfort over anything else on the court, the perforated fabric and loose fit doesn’t disappoint. On laid-back practice days, this fit keeps you cool and active, and the outfit works for a quick trip to Walmart after you improve your game. Winters are no excuse for your fashion game to deteriorate. With classic options like our Reagan gray sweater which combines movability, beats out the wind, and a crew neckline that keeps you savvy and cool in the club, exude athletic prowess and stay warm!


    Collage of women wearing white and blue vintage-inspired tennis and golf outfits by SwingDish 

  •  The Very Vintage 
  • Tennis attire of the past combines streamlined athletic wear with comfort and mobility. If you are one to love a hint of vintage, our Racerback cropped polo pays homage to the sharp collars of the past, and with the stretched ribbed fabric emulating the fashion of today. Not a big fan of the stark-white look? The soft, sweat-wicking Tencel and rounded, folded lux neck of our Abigail blue top combines breathability with feminine silhouettes. You can also make quite the statement by pairing either top with our collection of classic pleated skirts, old-school skorts and shorts. 


    Here are a few common questions that we hope will set you off as a pro-tennis player and fashionista alike:

    What brands do tennis players wear?

    Tennis players like Naomi Osaka, our favorite, work with sports-wear giants like Nike, who have collections that are just as fashionable off-the-court as they are on. With edgier additions to the classic lines via cargo-style utility shorts, and with racerback dresses and old-school pleated skirts like the Valentina, tennis players have a multitude of options to choose from. 

     What is the coolest tennis brand?

    The combination of classic, preppy, and vintage alike offered by brands like Thom Browne, Girlfriend, and Lucky in Love renders them very popular with the fashion-conscious among tennis players. Like the sound of versatility and uniqueness in tennis wear? Check out our collection here

     What is the best tennis brand?

    Form-fitting, sweat-wicking designs offered by Tory Burch, Lija, Lululemon, and JoFit are unique options among the mainstream, reliable and versatile options by Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. Brands like Uniqlo nod to the dated, simple tennis look- and didn’t slip a certain Mr. Federer’s notice- plus can match your vibe with precision if you value the classic style. The Nike Court collection remains an eternal favorite, with bold colors and technical styles to keep athletes fresh for every set.  

    What do you wear for tennis?

    The rule-book for what you wear to a tennis game has altered over the years to combine the classic with the modern and the crisp whites and blacks to vibrant, bold colors. Usually, the tennis club you are a part of will have guidelines about the uniform you are expected to wear. If you are just starting out, you can’t go wrong with sticking to lightweight, sleeveless cotton polo shirts and classic pleated skirts or fitted, breathable biker shorts, which you can find here. Long-sleeved tops and sweaters are a good choice for windy or cold days

    Next, the correct choice in socks can prevent slippage and truly be a game-changer. Use socks of absorbent material, and make sure the length comes to just below your knees. Shoes are also instrumental in making sure you are comfortable running and jumping. While sneakers and joggers can get the job done, we recommend that you get tennis shoes to take advantage of their specifications. Wristbands are a good accessory, not only to wick off sweat but also to prevent wrist injury, especially in high-impact blows. 

    Who makes the best tennis gear?

    Gear such as wristbands and visors can play a significant role in upping your game and keeping you active during long, wearisome sets. Sweat and shock-absorbing Nike Swoosh Wristbands in basic colors keep your arms from getting tired and can be used to flick sweat away from your eyes. Brands such as Lacoste have technical additions to their gear that render them instrumental on the courts, for e.g., their much-beloved visors.

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