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27 products

Women's Golf and Tennis Accessories

You’ve got the women’s golf top, you’ve got the women’s golf skirt, skort, or pant. What you need now is to complete the look, and not just to look good, but to up your game. That’s where women’s golf accessories come in. Because yes, you’ll look great in these hats, visors, belts and shoe fringe. But never forget the impact that having the proper equipment will have on your golf game. 

The right hat will perfectly block the sun when you’ve got to make that long fairway shot into the sunset. The right shoe fringe will keep the mud and dirt off of your shoe laces. Of course, golf gloves will give you a better grip on your clubs, and the Sleeve It will give you SPF protection against the blazing sun.

But let’s face it: there’s more reason for a belt than just to hold up your pants. These belts--the Blue Luna belt, the Orange Luna belt, the White and Black Leather Belts--they are going to make your overall look sing. They are comfortable, as all good golf accessories (and women’s golf clothes) should be, but they look killer on the course.

And forget the purse when you’re coming to the links: you need the women’s Bring It Bag, perfectly made to carry all of your accessories and necessities while you traverse the course, keeping all your gear together so nothing gets left behind in the cart at the end of a round.

And when it comes to hats, our women's golf hats are made to fit a woman perfectly. Styles like our classic White Hat pair perfectly with any outfit, shielding the sun and topping off your look.

Accessories when golfing are not just an afterthought. They’re an essential for having a good golf game--and looking great while playing.

Yes, these women’s golf hats will keep the sun off your face, help prevent a sunburn or freckles on the nose, and they may also aid in making a better golf shot as you can see without the glare of the bright sky blinding you. But the same can be said about any brimmed hat.

So what makes a SwingDish women’s golf hat so different? The answer is quality of construction, beauty of style, and functionality.

You wouldn’t wear a running shoe to the golf course--you’d wear a golf shoe--so you shouldn’t wear a regular old cap to the course either. You should wear a hat that is engineered for golfing, everything from the headband, the fit, the width and length of the brim, and the material used. We’ve even included a built-in, magnetic ball marker so you are never having to dig for where you put that tiny marker. These hats are made to breathe, to allow you to see, to keep the sun off your face--all while making it feel like you’re not wearing a hat at all. 

Browse the looks below and you’ll understand the reason that you will want a Swing Dish women’s golf hat: they just look so good. A golf outing is not 100% about the game, and it’s not 100% about the country club. It’s a mixture of the two, so your golf clothes--including your women’s golf hat--needs to carefully walk that balance between form and function. 

These stylish hats are more than just a gorgeous hat, but they’re also more than just a sunblocker. They’re a woman’s golf hat, and that shows the world your sporty side!