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3 products

Purses don’t fit in on the course, but neither does a gym bag. What you need for your game is a womens’ designer golf bag that fits everything you need for your golf day, perfectly encapsulated in an ideally-sized package. That’s what you get with the cute womens’ golf bags that we call the Bring It Bag.

These bags, which come in gray or blue, can contain a full weekend of clothing and footwear in this tidy bag that not only fits over your shoulder, it is designed specificallyto fit over the arm of your golf cart so it rides out of the way but perfectly within reach. You can pack everything you’re going to need in a golf getaway--sunscreen, snacks, phone chargers, etc--all in a package that is designed to fit snugly onto the side of your golf cart. It’s the perfect blend of spacious and efficient.

Don’t worry if these bags get a fleck of mud, or are met with an unexpected rainstorm on the seventh hole: the polyester/cotton twill fabric is water-resistant and simply wipes clean (win!).

Some of its features include:

  • Adjustable, removable strap that secures to the arm of your cart and doubles as a shoulder strap
  • double zip closure
  • expandable, hidden, zippered shoe compartment with mesh ends, allowing for air flow
  • 2 large exterior pockets with magnetic closure keeping your items secure, often embroidered for personalization or tournaments
  • 2 interior zippered pockets
  • 3 small mesh pockets
  • 1 large mesh pocket

You’ll never be stuck far from the clubhouse and realize you forgot something important--you’ll have it right with you in our patented Bring It Bag, the womens’ golf bag that takes care of all your important belongings and keeps them at your side.