Women's Golf Skorts

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69 products

Ladies Golf Skorts

When you step out onto the course, you typically want two things: to play a good game and to look your best while doing it. The women’s skort collections from Swing Dish are the perfect solution to both desires. A skort is made to be flexible and wearable-- with room to play like you’re wearing shorts, but with the sleek and classic look of a skirt, something that is much more feminine, sporty, and chic.

The women’s skorts are ideal for the golf course, but could be worn just as easily to any event where you’d like to feel comfortable and look your best. With freedom to move and play ambitiously, you can get in that perfect swing, the careful put, or that crouch down to examine the green without worrying if your skirt is showing too much. The skort is the perfect solution for women’s golf clothes bottoms that are elegant and functional, uniquely trendy.

Our skorts come in a variety of colors and styles so that no matter what top you want to wear to the club that day you’ll match beautifully. And the styles are so elegant and refined that you’ll look upscale enough for lunch in the country club before or after your 18 holes. 

With everything from bold and daring colors to subtle floral patterns, to everything in between, we have golf skorts that will match your personal style and taste. It will be hard for the other golfers to keep their eyes on the ball when you walk by. 

Browse our selection of women’s skorts, skirts, and bottoms to see which one of our gorgeous fashions is right for you and your golf game. You’ll be sure to impress with your swing and your look.