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Fringe It

When you think of women’s fashion, your mind might not immediately go to shoe fringe, but when it comes to golf, shoe fringe is IN. The concept of shoe fringe springs from the Scottish Kiltie shoe, and the basic idea is that leather fringe covers the laces of the shoe to make sure that they don’t get clogged with debris or mud.

Now, on a modern golf course (unless you go too far into the rough or near a water trap) you’re unlikely to encounter debris and mud, but shoe fringe--even women’s golf shoe fringe--makes a statement, and that statement is that you’re a part of the club and a golf pro. The in-crowd. You’re a golfer who knows about golf, enough to know that leather fringe on women’s golf shoes is a time-honored tradition. And who are you to break with tradition?

The fact is, shoe fringe these days is less about function and more about style. SwingDish offers a variety of colors to pair with any ensemble. When you add these leather fringes to your laces (they snap on very easily over any style of laced shoe) you are continuing in the tradition of golfers long before you. You’re declaring yourself to be a golfer par excellence. 

You’ve got the women’s golf top, the women’s golf shorts or pants, so why not go all the way and get the women’s golf fringe shoe?