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20 products

Comfort on the course doesn’t always come in the form of pleated skirts and skorts. When you want to have a perfect golf match and the weather just isn’t accommodating for fun in the sun, it’s time to turn to pants to keep the game as enjoyable during the spring and autumn as it is during the summer months.

But just because you’re swapping shorts and skirts for pants doesn’t mean that you have to give up style in your women’s golf pants. Golf pants can be as subtle as the breeze blowing down the fairway, or as exciting as the alligator in the water hazard. And there’s no right or wrong.

Golf pants throughout the ages have ranged from the most simple khakis to the bright colorful patterns, and in women’s golf pants at Swing Dish we offer both for whatever kind of golfer you are.

Women’s Khaki Golf Pants

Starting with the basics, you really can’t go wrong with a slim fit Linda Mosaico Skinny Pant or a Sabra Khaki Pant, or any of our Signature Pants.

These are all subdued in color, but look amazing, fitting your curves with perfectly placed pleating for flattering look both front and back while still giving you the flexibility that you need to crouch down on a green and judge the slope of your shot. Khaki golf pants for women may be just the thing you want on the course and at the country club.

Step a little further toward the wild side and you will definitely not be missed on the course wearing the Linda Blues, which are sexy and eye-catching, a brilliant cobalt blue that will grab the attention of anyone within 300 yards. 

Women’s Black Golf Pants

Poppy Tuxedo Pants offer an upscale, classic black look with a subtle shimmer on the black tuxedo stripe going down the side of the leg. Perfect for the office, a night out or on the course. Unforgettable style in unparalleled comfort.

Women’s Colorful Golf Pants

And if you really want to make a statement on the links with golf pants that are colorful, look no further than the Willow pant. With a classic argyle pattern and a modern graffiti spray splash of color, these pants make a statement, and that statement is that you are here to play serious golf, draw attention, and be the boldest woman on the golf course.

Women’s Tennis Pants

And this is to say nothing about the women’s tennis pants that you’ll find. We offer upscale athletic wear for women whether they’re on the court or on the links. With comfortable fit and moisture-wicking material, women will find everything they need in these athletic pants.

Whichever pants you choose from SwingDish, you’ll find that, good weather or foul weather, getting out on the grass is something you don’t want to miss--and these pants make it happen.

And you also may be pleased to see that there is a women’s golf pants sale on many different styles and cuts. 

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