4 of the Best Golf Tips For Women

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Some of the best golf tips from the pros, won’t make any sense if you’re not prepared to hear it. They can all offer advice on how you’re hitting the ball, the power in your swing, or what you could be doing differently on the putting green. But, you won’t take it to heart unless you really want to know how to be a better golfer.

And, of course, you want to be a better golfer! So, how can you learn these tips and remember them well?

It all starts with a dash of confidence. Then, as you become a better player and your confidence builds up, even more, you can focus on the various nuances of the game.

Here are some golf tips for women beyond what a ladies golf swing should look like or where you can wear golf attire away from the golf course.

4 of the Best Golf Tips for Women

Learning how to increase resistance between yourself and the ball as well as leaving room for power in your swing are great tips for the novice golfer. But, whether you’re a novice or not, you need to know the depths of what playing golf is all about. It’s supposed to be a relaxing sport so don’t get too caught up in the logistics of things.

Course Management

One of the biggest steps you can take to improving your golf game is how you manage the course when you’re not actually playing. Try focusing on pre-shot and post-shot routines in order to find a rhythm that works for you.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Golf requires plenty of lower arm strength. Talk to your trainer about which exercises will benefit your play. If you don’t have a trainer, ask around the clubhouse to see what other players find helpful.

Bend at the Hips

Many women tend to bend at the knees when they first begin playing golf. This is a big no-no. You must remember to bend at the hips.

It may be instinctual to try bending at the waist when practicing this method, but make sure to use your hips, feel out the bend so that you’ll know you’re doing it right.

Don’t Overthink It

As you follow through with these tips and others you learn relative to your grip or stance or otherwise, don’t overthink it too much. Simply take your clubs to the course and swing at the ball until something good happens.

Final Thoughts

These golf tips for women may be some of the best golf tips for beginner’s, too. Beginner golf tips often reference more about stance and gripping the club. These are important tips but should not be overshadowed by putting important matters first.

When you play anything with confidence and strength, you can be sure you’ll beat the game. All you need to do is relax a little and strike the ball and watch it fly. You’ll be shooting under par every time with these efforts alone.

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