At-home Stretching and Conditioning Workout for Golfers

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We teamed up Certified Personal Trainer, Natalie Stephens, of Kaizen Performance Gym to bring you an at-home stretching and conditioning workout, just for golfers! This workout is intended to help you keep your golf game up-to-par while you are cooped up at home during The COVID-19 quarantine. 

Listen to Natalie, in the video below, as she explains how our at-home workout can benefit your golf game.




Grab your dumbbell, golf club, and a resistance band. No worries if you don't have these things! Anything stretchy can be substituted for the resistance band, anything straight can be substituted for the golf club, and any type of weight can be used as a dumbbell. Also, you can modify these movements and do them without the accessories above. 

Stretching/Warm-Up Circuit

Natalie suggests beginning with the stretching portion of the workout. Follow the instructions below and watch Natalie demonstrate each movement. 

1. Pull-Apart: Frontal and Overhead (25 reps each movement)

This movement is for your shoulders and upper back. Grab the band creating tension, keep your arms straight, core tight and maintain the tension on the band. Complete 25 frontal banded pull aparts and 25 overhead.


2. Hip Flexor Stretch (15 rotations each side) 

This is great for stretching the hip flexors and separating the upper/lower body for better rotation and a more powerful golf swing. Keep your core engaged and complete 15 rotations per side. 


3. Abduction-Extension and External Rotation-Kickbacks (20 reps each) -

This is great for your glutes, hip strength, and stability. Maintain a slight bend in the knee as you work the opposite hip into the 3 movements for 20 reps each. Switch legs and repeat.

The Conditioning Circuit 

After you finish the stretch/warm-up circuit, please continue on with the next 5 conditioning exercises. These conditioning exercises can help boost your stamina on the course. Watch Natalie demonstrate the movements below. 


1. Dumbbell squat (15 reps) 

Toes are slightly turned out, the chest is up and the core is engaged. Sit back through your heels. Ensure your knees are not going over your toes. As you come up press through your heels and squeeze your glutes.


2. Bridge-Up (30 reps) 

Keep core engaged and squeeze your glutes. This movement will fire up your glutes and improve your hip rotation. This will help prevent back injury, protect the spine and allow you to activate the glutes. It can also increase distance and power.


3. Wide step walking lunges (15 each leg) 

The wide step focuses on your hamstring and glutes. This helps maintain posture and stabilize the pelvis during your swing and it will aid in building the hamstrings and glutes to prevent back injury.


4. Renegade Row (12 reps each) 

Keep your chest down as you row and engage your core. Squeeze the back as the dumbbell comes up. This utilizes the cohesive muscle group system involved in your swing.


5. Cross Toe Touch (15 each) 

Complete 15 reps on the same side then switch to the other side. This is a rotational movement to strengthen your core to improve rotation and gain distance.


Thank you for following along!

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