Beginner's Guide To Golf: Equipment + Accessories

Hi Friends! Welcome to week three of our Beginner's Guide to Golf blog series! This week we will be talking about what equipment is necessary for beginners! Follow along to learn more. 



Don't fall into the trap - you don't need the nicest clubs to start golfing! A reliable set of clubs shouldn't cost you more than $500. SoFlorida Professional Golfer Marisa Messana says "once you find your rhythm hitting balls consider treating yourself to a club fitting to verify your equipment is optimizing your performance". We think the most important clubs to have in your bag are a driver, 3 wood, 9 iron, 7 iron, 3 iron, wedge, and putter. WLDA and Symmetra Tour Pro Alex Phillips  says "Make sure you like your putter! You can save a lot of strokes and heartbreak by having a putter you like, even if you are struggling everywhere else". 

So what do the numbers on the irons mean? The number on the irons is referring to the angle of the clubface, which will determine the loft of the ball.

The lower the golf club number...

  • the lower the loft
  • the less intense the angle on the golf clubface
  • the farther the golf ball with travel at a lower height

The higher the golf club number...

  • the higher the loft 
  • the more intense the angle on the golf clubface
  • the golf ball will travel higher but for a shorter distance 





SwingDish founder, Tricia Covel, admits "Wedges are so hard to use". She suggests using an 8 or 9 iron to do a 'bump and run' shot instead of using a wedge. Watch the video below from Breaking Par to learn how to master a 'bump and run' shot. 





    Again, don't be fooled! You don't need the best or most expensive balls to start playing golf. You will most likely lose a few (hundred) balls while learning! Even advanced players still lose balls from time to time! Don't worry about the balls with fancy stats or performance-enhancing features. We will leave the Pro V1's to the actual professionals! Instead, find some affordable balls that you don't mind losing!  We suggest the 24 pack of TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls  for $21.99. 




    Golf tees come in many different heights! You should determine what height suits you best before buying tees in bulk. You will often find tees come in packs of 50 or more. 

    Once you are more comfortable with your tee height, you can find a pack of tees that will last you a while! You can even purchase some fun golf tees, like these Martini Tees




    As a beginner, we think gloves are an essential item to be purchased before you begin golfing. Gloves help you grip the club better, but better yet they can prevent blisters. We might be a bit bias, but we think the SwingDish Grip It Glove is the best on the market! You don't have to worry about the size of the glove because one size fits most hands thanks to our unique stretch and customizable Velcro strap. Our gloves even come with a jewel removable ball marker to use on the course! 

    Now you are probably asking.. which hand is the glove supposed to go on? Right-handed golfers wear gloves on their left hand. Left-handed golfers wear gloves on their right hand. 






    Although some courses allow tennis shoes on the course, we think golf shoes are a necessity when learning how to play. The spikes on the bottom of the shoe, whether metal or plastic, create traction and grip. This traction will be helpful while hitting shots out of the bunker or rough terrain. Golf shoes can be pricey, so stick with an affordable pair until you are confident in your playing style and are ready to upgrade. We suggest FootJoy shoes because they tend to be less than $100 per pair. 



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      In these weekly beginners guide, I am learning a lot about the questions I have had to begin golfing, Thank you for doing these little sessions

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