Cutest Tennis Outfits for 2023


With the warm, summer weather beginning to wash over us, it is the ideal time to invest in the perfect tennis outfits for this year. These bright, sunshine-filled days can also make way for a brand-new tennis wardrobe that is bursting with style and grace while keeping you at the top of the trend list. It is sometimes difficult to stay on top of trends and find the best outfits for your body type, weather type, and even geographical location. If you find yourself pondering over new, stylish, tennis outfits for this year, we are here to help you along the way. If you like to play matches in cooler weather, we have some great options for you there as well. In this post, we will show you the most popular outfits for 2023 to keep you cute and stylish both on and off the courts! So, whether you find yourself wanting a new skirt for the court, a jacket to keep you warm and cozy while you are playing a match, or a new tennis dress to show off at the club during lunch, we at SwingDish are here to help. Stay tuned for the best looks of the year!

Tennis Apparel Trends

One of the most popular trends for 2023 so far in the world of tennis apparel is the tennis mini skirt. In addition to the mini skirt, there are several other, trendy options available to you to create the perfect tennis outfit. A classic, tennis dress is also incredibly popular right now. Aside from the mini skirts and dresses for warmer weather, there are stylish options for the colder months ahead as well. These trendy items for cool weather include cropped sweatshirts and tennis jackets. Amongst these trends, you are destined to find a cute outfit that’s perfect for you and your style.

Tennis Mini Skirts

The tennis mini-skirt trend began in mid-2021 and has only increased in popularity since then. The tennis skirt is very much an icon for our beloved sport. You can find historical, black and white photographs of ladies proudly donning their long skirts to play a match of tennis. In our modern world, the tennis mini skirt seemingly reigns as queen at the moment. You can pair a tennis mini skirt with a sleeveless top, long-sleeved top, light jacket, or pretty much any other top you would normally feel comfortable playing tennis in. It is a very versatile article of clothing and you can find it in a range of colors to suit your own personality.

If you are channeling Wimbledon vibes, you can wear a solid white tennis mini skirt such as the Valentina skort

If you prefer to wear more vibrant shades, then this skirt will be perfect for you. The watercolor design will let your personality shine brightly on the court as you dance across it.

Tennis Dresses

Woman in white tennis dress by SwingDish

Tennis dresses are also an incredibly popular choice to wear this year, especially in the warmer, summer months. A great tennis dress allows you to show off your incredible style on the court as well as off of it. If you find yourself in the company of others after a great match, you will surely be the center of attention in a classy tennis dress.

For a classic, white, polished look in a tennis dress our adorable Aliyah White Dress from the all-new roses collection is pleated perfection. I mean, top it off with the Faye Long Sleeve Top around the shoulders and you won't find a more chic duo.

If you would like more of a colorful look, then the Love Collection Josie Dress dress will be more of what you're looking for.

Cropped Sweatshirts

It is difficult to find an article of clothing more comfortable than a soft, luxurious sweatshirt. This is especially true when cold winds can feel like they are chilling you to the bone. Cropped sweatshirts are not only the epitome of comfort, but they are also an incredibly trendy style for this year in the tennis world. Whether you are out on the tennis courts or inside by the fire with your fingers wrapped around a warm mug, this sweatshirt is an excellent choice to keep you both warm and cute at the same time.

Another great choice for a warm, cozy sweatshirt for a cool-weather match can be found here.

Tennis Jackets

When you find yourself wanting to play tennis in fairly cold conditions while still remaining cute, a trendy tennis jacket is an amazing choice for you. A pullover jacket can keep you warm and protected from the elements while allowing you to also remain stylish without the bulk of a large jacket that might also hinder your athletic abilities. You can find a comfortable, lightweight pullover here.

If the weather in your area requires a little more warmth from a jacket for the court, you can go with a zip-up tennis jacket. There are lightweight options available that will keep you warm while also allowing you to play to the best of your abilities, without hindrance. On another note, you can also wear your jacket in the stands for other matches, at club events, or even out to lunch with friends. Tennis jackets can work for many different occasions while keeping you looking cute as well. An excellent choice for a tennis jacket can be found here. This jacket also comes in several, stylish colors to fit your personality and needs.

Girl on tennis court wearing SwingDish abstract tennis dress and white hat

Overall, with so many incredible choices of cute and stylish outfits available to you, we are certain you will find the perfect outfit for YOU! When you wear your new outfit, channel your inner Serena Williams or Ashleigh Barty out on the court. With these wonderful looks and styles, we hope that your killer new look helps you to feel and play at the very top of your game. It has always been said that when you look good, you feel good. Why should tennis be any different? Put on your new outfit with your confidence high, grab your racket, and treat yourself to an amazing match of tennis. After all, you truly deserve it! We here at Swingdish, as always, are rooting for you every step of the way.

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