Women's Long Sleeve Golf Shirts

31 products

31 products

Whether to ward off the cold snaps of the spring and late autumn, or to block the summer sun from burning your skin, long sleeve golf tops for women are a must on the course.

Is it possible that the same design of long sleeve golf top that keeps you warm in the cool season will also help to keep you from roasting in the hot season? Wearing long-sleeve tops  slows the absorption of heat by the body to help maintain the proper body temperature. We have technologically advanced fabrics that help with regulating body temperature during activity. Anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and breathable, it’ll keep you warm in the autumn and cool in the summer.

On a cool day, you may opt for the Melanie Collared Hoodie (in cream or mint), but the summer months might call for the Boyfriend Pullover. You’ll look smashing spring or summer in the Tallyn or Sage, with their beautiful patterns that make a statement on the golf course. But in the early morning, pick a Boyfriend Pullover (in any variety of colors and styles) to make sure that you’re not shivering for your perfect putt.

Golfing is about friends and fun and, more importantly, comfort. You want to ensure that when you’re on the back nine you don’t get caught off-guard by weather that doesn’t want you to play. So dressing the part is essential. The fact that these long sleeve women’s golf tops also happen to be stylish and attractive while maintaining your temperature is just an added bonus. 

So don’t be caught unprepared. Be ready for the cold or the heat in any of our long sleeve women's golf tops.